Doe Deer (video samsung) and good to ask

I saw a doe deer while driving on the side street

I was quite happy and please to see a deer in the small past of forest while driving I took out my video. See the deer in the forest it just looks up and pauses and goes back in eating something on the ground
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The quality of the camera isn’t that good but just the sense that I saw it was pretty cool. Most people don’t know that in Chicago there lies a patch work of forests that intertwine with the highway and streets. There are deers and birds and many other animals. The river in it’s path and houses just on the side of people living there. These forests go far beyond the city up to the burbs of chicago beyond.

After I took the video I remember to go to Jewel to redeem my coupons for some free pots and pans. As I went there I was short a few coupons stickers for the free pan. I picked up a few items to purchase and went and stood in line.

There was a older lady and she offered me to go in front of her and said “Thank you and I am also here to get few more coupon sticker to get the free pan’ She said ‘Oh I get them for free my son. He works for a company’ I replied ‘Oh you are so lucky…’

I said out loud, ‘I wonder how can I redeem my sticker’ and she said she was not sure… I asked a person who worked who had just passed by there and he said just pick up the a pan and to redeem it in the line. I said ok cool. I got out of line and thanked nice older lady again and left.

I went and saw a few options and thought. I can get one pan for free or if I just had a few more coupon points I can get two for a few dollars that I could chip in. I went and took just one and thought I’d save to get the 2nd one later even thought there was only a few more days before the sale would be going on. I had hope.

I went back in line but by that time the nice older lady was out in the check out and about to leave. She turned around and said ‘Son do you want my coupons stickers?’ I said OMG sure and just like in high school she gave it to the person behind her and her to her and back to me I delightfully put it in my coupon book and was 5 short. I was like whoah. Nice to be nice to some people.

I went to the check out and noticed a box full of the coupons and was like hey nobody is here and was so tempted to get them. I joked to the cashier that returned hey if I took a few you would not have noticed. I was so tempted. I asked ‘Hey can you give me a few? I am just short. She laughed and said No. I said curiously doesn’t any of the customer not use the and return them or something. She said well yet there are a few in the bottom of the box. I looked and hey found a few more and put them on my book and was I was now only one short.

I bought what I needed to buy and guess what the one extra sticker and got both of my pans that I wanted.

Sometimes it just nice to some people and be inquisitive and ask.

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