Looking for a job? Where are the places to post your resume?

In the age of the Internet what are the methods of getting noticed and getting a job? There are a few quick and easy ways to get noticed

A. Register your self on a few of the main job search engines

The following are good for tech, engineering and a host of other jobs

  1. Monster.com
  2. Dice.com
  3. CareerBuilder.com

If you are in a niche of specialty market do a quick search and find the job finding site and register there. For example if you are a teacher a quick search for “teaching jobs” brought up SchoolSpring.com which specializing for teaching if you are in any other market just do a quick search on google.com or find a nice directory at careers.yahoo.com.

The trick with these resume sites if to go and update or just touch the resume every so often this way your resume looks fresh and may even appear on top of the list when the recruiters are searching for your skill.

B. Search for jobs in job boards.

Such as CraigsList there is a column specific to jobs there are many more. With these sites just be aware that some people phishing for email and  information so posting some may use to spam email box. So you may want to consider setting up a email box on GMail or Yahoo Mail just for jobs search this way your personal email does not get spammed and also you just have place to job emails.

C. Get registered with Job Networking sites

Such as LinkedIn.com. There are many benefits.

  1. You can freely put your resume online and your network of family, friends, coworkers etc and friends of friends can see your resume
  2. Recruiters can find you
  3. You can join groups in LinkedIn and find other people in your area as network and people can find you.

D. Network – It’s who you know sometimes not what you know

Networking is one of the best ways of finding a job. One way is to get out there and meet other people who are in your area and when they meet you and get to know you and when the opportunities arise they may contact you. A great network way is Meetup search for your area and get out there.

E. Make a blog, profile and/or Site

Make a site like this make a blog and put your resume online. I did it just like this. What you are reading here is my blog RonSattar.com and if you read the header my resume is here. The cost is very minimal you can do it yourself using SattarHosting and click on WEB HOSTING and set up a WORDPRESS HOSTING. Cost is about $75 / year to have your own site (which includes hosting and domain name)

If you need personal assistance contact me, via my email form, and I can discuss the options and charges.

Set up a google profile like I have one at Google Profile.

F. Volunteer

You will be surprised on how much jobs can get out there when you just volunteer and get out there. There are people use have a job and also volunteer and you can network with them.

G. Training

Get training for a new job. There are many places online to train for a new job. Community College are a good option

Online classes include Lynda.com for technical, graphic and design training online

H. Get busy do it on your own

Do you have a skill that someone may want to pay for? Like what?

If you have a degree in any thing consider Tutoring (post your tutoring service on CraigsList.org) know a language consider becoming a translator at TranslatorsCafe.com. Maybe consider cleaning peoples homes, or personal organizer, talk walker, each of these jobs can be marketed on CraigsList.org a simple web site at SattarHosting or email me for more ideas. If you are really adventurous try RentAFriend.com. Rent yourself out. No not like that people really need a friend sometimes. Temporary in town and need some errands or need someone to show them around town very professional.

I. If you really know where you want to work

Hey if you really know where you want to work. Go to the companies web site and post your resume. For example Google Jobs, AOL Jobs, Groupon Jobs and… oh nevermind do it yourself go to Google and just type “Jobs at ” and a series of suggestions will appear or just type “Jobs at COMPANY NAME” and it will take you directly there and post your resume.

J. Leave your comfort zone

Consider getting a job outside your are get a recruiter to find a job in another state, small town or your skills maybe transferable to another career. Speak to a job specialist find out.

Please post comments and tell me if you find these tips useful.

K. Make Extra Money

Read this Article rent room, drive your car, etc

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