Skype a great way to talk and do video conferences from your computer using the Internet.


  • Computer to Computer Audio is FREE works with most all computers, mobile phones and some TVs.
  • A phone number can be associated to your skype service most anywhere in the world. So if you get a Chicago number and people call this number your computer will ring any where in the world as long as you are on the Internet.. I have a friend who is in China who has a number in Chicago and their family calls locally in Chicago and they pick it up there in China. The family here makes a local call and the other cost is this service which is not much.
  • Video communications two computer free as much as you want.
  • Can set up a telephone conferencing a small fee applies. Imagine this you can call a few people from your skype and have them all talk like a phone conference or let them call you.
  • The computer screen can be shared which is great if you want to show something on your screen. Imagine this great for teaching environment. Personal, school or business teaching is a great tool.

Great Service I use it all the time

Download Skype and look me up RonSattar or can call me 312 212 3711. I can tell you more. Business Consultant

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