You have just won this Money… Spam, Phishing, etc. . How to tell if they are real.

Money grows on Trees

I just got an email from a friend the following letter actually (names have been deleted to protect the innocent by replacing it by XXX) 🙂

The following is an actual letter.







From: Hector Torres <>
Subject: Hello XXX
Date: Thursday, XXX, 10:26 AM

Dear XXX,

I am Sgt Hector Torres, the 13th Sergeant Major for Combined Joint Task
Force 7 serving in Baghdad, Iraq. (USF-I) I am on assignment here in Iraq
and have some items I will need to ship to you for safe keep.

Please you could check this site so you could understand what I am trying to

Contact me immediately if you can assist, as I will only highlight more on
this transaction if you meet my conditions. Please signify your interest by
replying to me.


Sgt Hector Torres.


First what makes this look enticing and real?

1 Promise of money. People get excited and the lour of the money. Remember nothing is freely given there is a catch to anything in life. If it’s too good to be true probably it is.

2 It’s a true story it’s form the BBC must be true right? Well wrong the BBC story is true but not the rest of the email.

3 Name on the email states “Sgt Hector Torres” sounds like an official name, huh?

Ok don’t be fooled. The name sound real but the email is fake.

What to look out for and what got me to figure out it’s a fraud

1 Look at the email it’s coming from. It’s “”

If it was a from a Government account the email would end with or from the military would end with   (don’t be fooled by  this ends with com not government account still fake)

2 If this was a person who would give you money, seriously would the initial contact be via email? They would call wouldn’t they or get a lawyer or write a letter. Email are sent out like millions literally at what cost ‘O Cents‘ someone just sits there with a program and sends out millions and one fool comes back and  sends them money. If it was done in a mailing each would cost a postage stamp and who would sent out a million stamps nobody. It will cost too much; Or make a phone call to that many people nobody. It would cost too much and take too much time. Emailing millions of people like fishing in a lake is much easier.

3 Look at the email it is coming from did you notice  the bold emal it’s from a web site visit it. They set up a free email account form here. Such as a free email from Google Mail or Yahoo Mail or Hot Mail free email service. This service does not know what is going on. Someone just set up a free email account on their service and is spamming out email and phishing out people.

Resources on the Internet

Where can you go to find out if it’s fake? Look at Snopes a good resource for internet fraud there are many just search for “Internet Fraud” in your search engines to find out more.  The FBI has some resource online to read about.

What you can do?

What did I do? I visited web siteand emailed them and told them someone is using their system for fraud. Hopefully they will close that account. If it’s real bad contact the local FBI or police.

Be safe on the Internet. Send your comments and suggestions.


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